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31 New Trend Website Design Examples | Web Design

31 New Trend Website Design Examples Creating a website for your company, firm or organization you must follow the new trends. Creative ideas and modern trends can make your web design more attractive and eye catching. In past few years, web design trends improvements very amazingly and growing up too fast like flat design and retro/vintage effect, big background, video with sound appear in modern website designing. Today we are shared a beautiful collection of Inspiring Website Design Follow the New Trends. I hope you will enjoy and get some great ideas for your next web projects. Web Designs Follow The New Trends When the new year starts, Mostly people would immediately think of a popular blockbuster movie or maybe a song that topped the charts. But for a specific group of professionals, web designers to be exact, the most interesting thing they can discuss the year is the Web design Trends. 2017 will be a year of making new design concepts, ideas and exploring new techniques. There are lots of new things we can saw in web industry like more complex parallax scrolling, huge and louder background sound and videos, gradient color, hand-drawn typography, live streaming, SVGs and of-course more creative and style menus. Below you will see the examples of all trends of 2017 in web design. Hope you like it. Enjoy Tune One-Page Music WordPress Theme Tune is a one-page music WordPress theme made to be simple and ready to use. It includes all the features you need to create a solid fan base online: music player, social media integration, event list, discography, video & photo gallery, and so on; and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Visit Website RONIN AMSTERDAM RONIN AMSTERDAM, an independent studio dedicated to digital design. Our ambition is to give strong creative ideas the craftsmanship they deserve. Visit Website Oddboy We created a website for our studio with a distinct 80s flavor to reinforce what we do best – make games and VR experiences. Visit Website Twin Dots Twin Dots is a branding and design agency based just outside Cambridge – United Kingdom. Visit Website 4EB Studio A web design and development studio specialized in UI/UX research, coding solution and CMS website build. Visit Website Excalibur This digital experience integrates the gym’s activities and an e-commerce section for the sale of subscriptions and supplements. Visit Website Ensemble Correspondances Ensemble Correspondances brings together

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