Finding & Optimizing Click Through Rates For SEO

Finding & Optimizing Click Through Rates For SEO Hi there I'm Chris Berkley and if you don't already know I'm a digital marketing consultant who makes videos about SEO topics. In this one I'm going to talk about click-through rate which is not specifically an SEO concept, it really applies to any type of digital advertising but I'm going to look at it with more of an SEO lens. First, we'll start with a definition: click through rate is basically just the number of - it's a percentage it's a fraction it's a decimal - it is the number of times that somebody clicked on something divided by the number of times that that thing appeared. Most of the time you're going to look at those two numbers in terms of clicks and impressions with clicks being the number of times somebody clicked and impressions being the number of times it showed up. So in the scheme of SEO click rate is going to be the number of times that someone clicked on your webpage divided by the number of times that your webpage appeared in search results. So that's great but how do you get those numbers and how do you know what your click through rate is. The answer is Google Search Console which is something that I use almost as much as I use Google Analytics. It provides all these numbers for you and it's free to sign up which I'll show you how to do in another video as well. So let's dig in a little bit and look at some of the ways that we can look at click through rate, clicks, and impressions in Search Console. Once you've logged in to Search Console, in order to get any type of click-through rate data, you have to go to Search Analytics and click on that. And then this will bring up the base set of data is going to be focused on clicks and queries. Clicks will be the number of clicks to the site and it's going to look at it on a per keyword basis. For the purpose of click-through rate, this isn't that beneficial because we know that the Meta Description is going to appear for most of the keywords that are driving clicks to the site and it's not keyword specific so we'll be better off to look at it at

Tips For A Stunning Instagram Feed

Tips For A Stunning Instagram Feed - Let's face it, the prettier (popping) your Instagram feed is the more followers you're gonna have. Increasing your followers on Instagram requires you to post quality images and beautifully written descriptions and use effective hashtags. Here are some tips to transform your Instagram feed to look like a pro. Tip Number 1: Make sure to always shoot in bright lights. Great lighting brings out details and vivid colors. Photos taken with the absence of light makes it harder for you to manipulate them and edit them. Make sure that you take photos with plenty of light. You can always darken them anytime or play with colors on post-processing. Tip Number 2: Look at your Instagram feed as a big coherent picture. To create an air of consistency among all the photos make sure to tie them together with a unified theme. You can use a consistent element present in all of your photos or stick to a specific color scheme or pattern. Your theme or your look should be something you like replicating in your photos. Follow a consistent color palette, keep your colors coordinated in every photo you post. Play with the same color for a variety of your posts. You can be a minimalist using single elements with a solid color background or use bright colors, the sky's the limit. Tip Number 3: Stay on brand and avoid posting irrelevant stuff, while we're tempted to post that bar photo with our friends or something that excited you about your day. Make sure that all of your pictures are looking great and consistent with what you always put out there. Keeping it neat and disciplined is the secret to your Instagram feed goals. Play with depth. Your image looks better if you get closer or farther away from the subject, but experiment with taking these photos. Tip Number 4: Camera focus plays a key role here. Use it to highlight or show a wide perspective. Make use of symmetry and lines. Explore. Look at your surroundings and find inspiration. Great photos are usually taken from uncanny locations. Keep your eye on alert for the photos you wanna share with the world. Tip Number 5: Batch your photos and take a lot of them. Instagram doesn't have to be momentarily fleeting. You don't need to post current content. That's what Instagram stories are

How To Set Up Your Local SEO – Schema Mark Up – SEO Citations

Local SEO Welcome back to SEO Course for WordPress Users. This article is about local SEO. Local SEO works drastically different from the global one because local SEO is all about citations (mentions of your business’ name, address, and phone number). Whereas global SEO is still primarily based on links. Though we're not going to dive into the issue of promoting for local search. We'd like to mention a few really crucial local on-page SEO aspects that you should focus on to rank better in local search. Use your business Name, Address and Phone number (aka NAP) on every single page of your site sticking to the same format. Long story short, you just need to use the text widget to display your business’ NAP in the footer of your WordPress. It’s a perfect location because the footer is the same throughout your whole site. Use your city and state names in your title tags, meta descriptions, and the content of your site. It’s also common sense to do it because since you use the local names of your target area on your site, you must be really local and worthwhile. Schema Mark Up Be sure to use the Local Business Schema markup to make your snippet stand out in search results pages. You can see more info on this site: Luckily, you’re not supposed to code anything because you’re on WordPress.  Install the Schema Creator by Raven plugin that makes adding Schema markup a breeze to every WordPress users Kudos to Raven. Once the plugin is installed, just go to the post editor and click the Add Schema button at the top of your post content area. That done, just select your Schema type, which is Organization. And in the Organization Type drop down option, be sure to select Local Business. That done, specify your Name, Website, Description, etc. Click the Insert Button. It’ll add the additional Schema markup right in the HTML of your WordPress post. KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language. It can be used to store all kinds of info about geographical spots. Other than that, it’s also used by some WordPress plugins. Such as Comprehensive Google Map Plugin View Google Maps WP Flexible Map. You can use all the plugins to highlight your business location or other locations related to your business. Doing so will give Google another hint that your business is very relevant

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes | Shane Perry SEO

Here's all the advice I would give in under 10 minutes. This talk is aimed at companies who have their main content below about 50 pages. For those sites that are looking to rank for thousands of unrelated keywords, like an e-commerce site or a news agency, you might wanna invest more time in SEO. My objective for this talk is to provide you the basics in the most efficient manner possible and to help you feel assured that you're not doing something totally wrong related to search, and last, to provide pointers for more information. The first thing to do with your domain is to decide whether you want visitors to see the www version or the non-www version. At which point your 301 redirect users from your non-preferred to your preferred version. Now, many large corporations, like Google and Facebook, actually keep the www version, but you're free to do whichever you want. The reason why we use a 301 and not a 302 is because a 301 is a permanent redirect and that way it signals to applications like search engines, to actually transfer all those indexing properties from the source to the target. The next step is to verify ownership of your site in Webmaster tools. And I don't just say this because I work with the team, but I think this is really valuable. I encourage you to sign up for email forwarding. Email forwarding allows Google when we have any message for you, like when we think you might have been hacked or we think your site is hosting malware, or we're having trouble crawling your site and we found a high number of unreachable URLs. So any of those messages can be forwarded to Google Webmaster Tools and if you have email forwarding enabled, it can be forwarded directly to the inbox that you check every day. One more research tip is to perform a background check on your domain. For example, if it was previously owned by spammers then you're not going to rank very well now. So, one good way to check is to look at the keywords listed in Webmaster tools for your site and see if you see any unwanted words there. Also, you can see if you're indexed by performing a site colon search with your domain. And if you see any problems the Webmaster guidelines can be found

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Learning Search Engine Optimization – Quick SEO Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of making your web pages and sites appeal to the top search engines. Google, for example, has "spiders" that are constantly crawling through web pages to determine which ones are the most relevant to the search term. If your site is deemed to be highly relevant you will be rewarded with higher rankings in the search results. How does Google know what is relevant? The spiders do not read and understand all of the text on a web page. They typically scan a page looking for keyword density and backlinks from other sites. Quick SEO Tips Promote Your Site For Backlinks - Write articles that target the exact keywords of any given web page to keep your content highly relevant. Search engines love when you link an article to a web page that has the same key phrase in it. If you are new to SEO I would watch this video below. Remember to not over optimize, this can get you penalized by the search engines.  Target Longtailed Keywords- Long-tailed key phrases of 3 words or more help you to stay targeted with your audience. These words will also have less competition making it easier to rank high quickly. Keyword Placement- Be sure to sprinkle in your keyword phrase throughout your content. Place keywords in the title, the opening paragraph, the body of the web page and in the conclusion. Be sure to keep keyword density between 2% and 7% of the words in the text. Social Bookmarking sites like digg.com and del.ici.ous.com allow you to bookmark your pages for more relevant backlinks. Other There are all kinds of other techniques that people use to get high rankings, but these tips will definitely boost your rankings. SEO can seem really complicated, but it is merely a way for search engines to eliminate spam and make sure that people are getting relevant answers to their searches. We added a short video on creating a good SEO strategy below! If you are looking up "my dog is sick" and it directs you to a "make money in your spare time" offer that would be irrelevant and frustrating to the web surfer. The end result of SEO is showing the search engines that you are one of the good guys that only puts out relevant, quality content. You can learn search engine optimization strategies without fully

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