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Google: How to Create Better Meta Descriptions

Google: How to Create Better Meta Descriptions Google has liberated some recommendations regarding how to create better meta descriptions for search results. In addition, Google is doing its part to improve meta descriptions by making a notable update to how "they il be" rendered. How Google Generates Meta Descriptions When deciding which information to display in the snippet of a search outcome, Google will first turn to the content within the page itself and extract the most relevant information. In the event that a page's content is not its most important source based on the user's query, Google will then turn to the manually written meta description to display in the search snippet. Previously, if the page content was not the most relevant source for generating a snippet, and there was no meta description, Google would pull information from DMOZ. With DMOZ now closed, Google has stopped relying on the web directory for making snippets. With that being said, it has become more important than ever for website owners to write good meta descriptions. Google goes on to explain what it considers to be a good meta description. " Good meta descriptions are short blurbs that describe accurately the content of the page. They are like a pitch that persuade the user that the page is exactly what they're looking for ." The most common troubles website owners need to watch out for when creating meta descriptions is neglecting to generate them at all. Another issue is using the same meta description for all pages across the website. Other problems include writing off-topic, spammy, or low-quality meta descriptions. Google says there is technically no character restriction to meta descriptions, but they will be truncated to fit the width of the machine they're being viewed on. Going forward the NOODP robots directive, which prevented Google from employing DMOZ to create snippets, no longer needs to be used.

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