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Maui Now : Maui Ranked Among Best Places to Visit in US

Maui Ranked Among Best Places to Visit in US Maui was ranked among best places to visit in the USA on a list compiled by US News and World Report. The publication highlighted Maui’s idyllic beaches, parks and East Maui’s Kaihalulu sands and Road to Hana, calling Maui “escapism at its finest.” Maui was ranked number four behind first-place New York City, 2nd place Philadelphia, and third place Honolulu. San Francisco rounded out the top five.  Other Hawaiʻi locations making the list were Kauaʻi at #11 and the Big Island of Hawaiʻi at #12. The complete list of locations named on the Best USA Vacations list were: #1 New York City; #2 Philadelphia; #3 Honolulu; #4 Maui; #5 San Francisco; #6 Grand Canyon; #7 Sonoma; #8 Washington D.C.; #9 New Orleans; #10 San Diego; #11 Kauaʻi; #12 Big Island of Hawaiʻi; #13 Breckenridge; #14 Boston; #15 Miami; #16 Los Angeles; #17 Chaleston; #18 Yosemite; #19 Seattle; #20 Asheville; #21 Park City; #22 Denver; #23 Savannah; #24 Big Sur; and #25 Yellowstone. US News analyzed more than 300 destinations for its Best Vacation Rankings, using a methodology that combines travelers’ opinions with expert and editor analysis. Each destination was scored in 10 categories, from sights, culture, and food to nightlife, adventure, and romance. US News & World Report also released lists today for the World’s Best Places to Visit as well as region-specific lists and the Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean as well as the Best Small Towns in the USA and the Best National Parks in the USA.   Wendy Osher The publication highlighted Maui's idyllic beaches, parks and East Maui's Kaihalulu sands and Road to Hana, calling Maui "escapism at its finest."

Maui’s 7 Best Farms to Visit

7 Best Farms to Visit In Maui When you think of Hawaii, the first few things that most likely pop up in your mind are the sun, sand, and waterfalls. And while those may be the primary reasons for vacationing in the Aloha State, there’s actually much more to do than bake in the sun, especially if you’re headed to Maui. Throughout the island are a variety of incredible farms that you’re able to tour, from an organic tropical fruit plantation to a cheese-producing dairy. Many even have on-site restaurants where you can enjoy a true farm-to-table meal. So whether you’re staying in the resort area of Wailea, where a trip to up-country Maui is a short drive away, or making the trek all the way to the rural and peaceful town of Hana (which, by the way, the incredibly winding road with its beautiful vistas is totally worth the two hours from the airport), here are seven exceptional farms that are worth the visit. A few of the goats at Surfing Goat Dairy. Surfing Goat Dairy One of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll have on the island, Surfing Goat Dairy holds walking tours about every half hour, during which you can feed the adorable animals, see the facilities, and sample its award-winning cheeses that come in a variety of flavors (the Rolling Green with fresh garlic chives is a must). And if you’re not a fan of goat cheese, don’t let your distaste deter you from visiting—the strong gaminess often associated with such cheeses is nearly nonexistent due to Surfing Goat’s use of vegetable rennet to coagulate the milk. The cheeses are so incredibly creamy and delightful that a bevy of restaurants use them, including the recently redesigned Humuhumunukunukuapuaa at the Grand Wailea resort. But before you head out, make your way inside the store and pick up a few handmade dark chocolate truffles. Filled with ganache made from goat cheese, the confections not only have fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol than many traditional butter-and-cream counterparts, but also more vitamins A and B, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.   The chocolate set-up for Hana Gold’s collaboration with Ala Kukui. Hana Gold A four-person operation, Hana Gold is a cacao plantation run by husband and wife Robert and Francine Frost, along with their son and daughter-in-law, who are all largely self-taught and have gone through years of trial and error to

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