Learning Search Engine Optimization – Quick SEO Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of making your web pages and sites appeal to the top search engines. Google, for example, has "spiders" that are constantly crawling through web pages to determine which ones are the most relevant to the search term. If your site is deemed to be highly relevant you will be rewarded with higher rankings in the search results. How does Google know what is relevant? The spiders do not read and understand all of the text on a web page. They typically scan a page looking for keyword density and backlinks from other sites. Quick SEO Tips Promote Your Site For Backlinks - Write articles that target the exact keywords of any given web page to keep your content highly relevant. Search engines love when you link an article to a web page that has the same key phrase in it. If you are new to SEO I would watch this video below. Remember to not over optimize, this can get you penalized by the search engines.  Target Longtailed Keywords- Long-tailed key phrases of 3 words or more help you to stay targeted with your audience. These words will also have less competition making it easier to rank high quickly. Keyword Placement- Be sure to sprinkle in your keyword phrase throughout your content. Place keywords in the title, the opening paragraph, the body of the web page and in the conclusion. Be sure to keep keyword density between 2% and 7% of the words in the text. Social Bookmarking sites like digg.com and del.ici.ous.com allow you to bookmark your pages for more relevant backlinks. Other There are all kinds of other techniques that people use to get high rankings, but these tips will definitely boost your rankings. SEO can seem really complicated, but it is merely a way for search engines to eliminate spam and make sure that people are getting relevant answers to their searches. We added a short video on creating a good SEO strategy below! If you are looking up "my dog is sick" and it directs you to a "make money in your spare time" offer that would be irrelevant and frustrating to the web surfer. The end result of SEO is showing the search engines that you are one of the good guys that only puts out relevant, quality content. You can learn search engine optimization strategies without fully

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