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The competition will be overwhelmed and Google won’t have much of a say... when you use our SEO Service for carve a place on the front page of Google!

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Hi, my name's Shane Perry and I'm the founder of Shane Perry SEO LLC.

As an SEO service provider for over 3 years, I’ve seen a lot of websites implement strong SEO strategies and help build bigger businesses for their owners.

I’ve also seen even more bounce around in obscurity, never really getting the traffic they deserved.

I started my SEO service with just a single goal:

Every single client had to get on the first page of Google, within their first 2 years. Because that’s where all the money is being made (on page 1).

Needless to say… That’s tougher than it sounds.

Imagine you have 100 businesses competing for 10 spots.

Can you force your way to the top of page 1?

And even if by the remote change that you “got lucky” once… Can you do it every single time?

We have! And we’ve done it again and again.

Not only have we been able to do this for ourselves, but we’ve also done it for tons of clients we’ve picked up along the way.

But it get’s even better…

Most of the time we beat our own 2-year target by a full year!

Our average turnaround time from signing an agreement with a new client to a page 1 rank is just under  4-6 months.

Now I’d like to talk to you for a little bit, about how we pull off such strong results so consistently...

Puppet Master Google loves to constantly shuffle sites on and off of page 1.

To make good on our lofty page 1 target for every client, we had to be different.

There are, after all, a lot of SEO companies out there. Which means a lot of competition to rank websites on page 1. Which has tons of traffic, and tons of opportunities.

But by controlling hundreds of websites (which we then point to yours) we CAN keep you high in the “rank stack”.

You see, we have the experience and expertise that you deserve. We started out doing SEO online over 3 and a half years ago. There’s a lot to be said about trial and error and figuring out how to get things right and my team and I have LITERALLY tried everything possibly conceivable in the online realm while building my clients businesses.

Link wheels, article marketing, link directory submissions, forum posts, guest posts, you name it… And the list goes on and on and on...

Most of these tactics work initially (as you’ll see with some companies) but then they lose effectiveness over time.

BUT... There is ONE essential element that MUST go into every successful site. This is the key to “hold” onto your page 1 rankings. Without it, you DON’T stand a chance and will be lost and invisible to the world.

You know what it is?

Building whole new websites- from scratch- for the purpose of linking them to yours.

In other words, “You win the popularity contest by building the judges and audience”.

A ton of effort, yes, I know, but my team figured out that it was well worth the upfront cost. We learned this powerful lesson 3 years ago, well before this tactic came known as private network building or whatever the “experts” want to call it today...

It’s just so effective because of the level of control and power you get.

Google can change the algorithm to prefer different types of websites, different types of linking schemes, etc. They can downgrade the value of links from forums or elsewhere.


They can’t go back and erase time.

That’s where we step in.

You see, Google (or anyone for that matter) cannot downgrade the value of all links from other websites.

There’s an “aging” process and the longer site has been around, the better and more authoritative it is.

..and by owning these sites, you can change them at will to remain powerful and effective.

This is why you’ll find today that the top SEO companies are the ones who control hundreds (or thousands) of websites. No question!

This has been the BIG WIGS secret to success for a long time now and this has been our EXACT secret, too.

This is the key difference for our clients and something that other companies CANNOT duplicate.

This is what maintains a flood of endless traffic and opportunities to your websites.

Here’s why our link network techniques have endured for 3 years and counting.

Most link-building methods have gone the way of the dodo bird. There here today and gone tomorrow.

Safety and stability are key to any successful SEO campaign and that’s exactly why we’ve built our website ranking architecture to keep Google happy.

This, in turn, keeps your website consistently on page 1.

Some SEO shops do whatever it takes to rush a website to the top using various low quality “link blasting” techniques that stimulate a rush of links to a page.

Yes, this can work in the short term, because Google may feel that all those links are pointing to a hot news story, for example.

But Google’s algorithm is so advanced and far ahead of any tricks of the “shortcut takers”, that it can also discount those low-quality links after just a few days or weeks. Meaning that short cuts or short-lived seeming success are for basically for nothing.

That’s why I always tell my clients that even if they don’t use us, they should ALWAYS know where the links are coming from and how they’re being built. Any SEO provider who can’t or won’t tell you that is a risk to use.

They always have a good story of “why” they can’t share their secrets. They say they don’t want you to knock off their strategies, for example, but more often than not, they’re also hiding some shady practices that yield short-term results.

Use us to push you up to page 1. Then switch on maintenance mode to keep the competitors at bay.

Some SEO companies are scared that you’ll hire them to push your website onto page 1 and then cancel the contract.

Not us. We welcome the opportunity to do just that for you.

Why? Because that very well could be all you need from an SEO provider.

But let’s say your niche is competitive, which is the case anytime there is a larger than average opportunity to be on page 1 (in terms of profit potential).

Well then, we’re very glad to shift into “maintenance mode” to keep your site on page 1. This can involve slowing down the creation of new links, maintaining a blog, shifting to social media promotion, or a range of other maintenance tactics.

The bottom line is that whether you want us for the initial push or a much longer relationship, we’re happy to do what’s best for YOU and your website your needs.

What can you expect in terms of ROI? Is 100% good?

The ROI case for our services is very easy to justify.

We shoot for 100% ROI at a minimum.

Our core services are 1: Organic Traffic, which puts your website on page 1 for a higher upfront cost but continuous flow of visitors and 2: Social Media Campaigns, which sends visitors to your site immediately for a fee.

Once organic traffic starts sending visits, the ROI case easily goes above 100%.

Traffic that’s priced per click can be a little more difficult with high competition. But here too, if you have the test budget for it, there’s a very good chance you can make money with a properly set up campaign and offer.

With over 3 years of SEO experience, we’re quite good at uncovering all the online profit centers available to you.

We also protect your time with easy to understand reports right to your email inbox, every month when asked.

Just as important as your budget is how well we are able to protect your time.

We understand you want to know what is going on without reading a novel. So every month, you’ll be sent reports showing you how your website is ranking, how many visitors you received, and approximations of how much potential revenue the website is generating.

You know, all the things you actually care about.

We have our own internal metrics for all the complex, geeky details. And yes, these are available on request too. But as we’re trying to protect your time, we give you the high-level overview of the critical financials, every month. Straight to your inbox.

What are we most proud of? Being half the price(or less) of our big name competitors... Yet, we’re known for treating our clients like royalty.

In many industries, the finer boutique shops offer that special level of personal relationship that you just can’t get, at the big, expensive places. We like to think of ourselves as that type of agency (a personal relationship).

So don’t be surprised if the first person who answers the phone is the same person who recognizes you by name, and solves your problem without transferring you.

Call the phone number below or fill out our quote form, to have one of our digital consultants contact you about making more money from your website.

We believe in delivering VALUE and that’s exactly what we do.

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If by chance, you still have any questions, see what our other satisfied customers have to say:

Not only is Shane easy to work with but his eye for design and ideas pertaining to SEO marketing are all top notch. If you're looking for a world class web design or just want to grow your business, he's the best! - Free Dive Hawaii

I honestly cannot say enough about Shane and his attention to detail. He had me back on the first page of Google in just a couple months, I am now so busy it's stressing me out! I guess it's better than not being busy and stressed out!! Shane is an honest hard working guy, mix that with lots of talent and you are guaranteed to be successful! - Zack Howard

As a graphic designer I have many clients that need SEO for their newly built websites. Working with Shane has been great and I refer all my clients to him because I know he not only provides results, but is also professional and pleasant to work with. Excited to see how his web marketing continue to help my clients grow their businesses! - Toni Columbo

PS: One More Tip On Exposing Your Business Online

This advice is meant to help you get the most bang for your buck… Even if you end up not going with us, here are a few things to look out for.

Choose an SEO provider who is willing to give you some sort of results guarantee. Most of them hate this and they’ll tell you that they can’t control Google, which is true, but why should you shoulder all the blame in that case?

Any provider worth their weight in salt will give you some sort of guarantee.

That’s EXACTLY what we do since we know we can provide you RESULTS.

But again, even if you don’t go with us, ask what guarantee your other prospective SEO service provider is willing to offer. It will speak volumes...

I wish you the best in getting the most online visitors to your website, as you possibly can,

Shane Perry Founder of Shane Perry SEO LLC

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