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What is Instagram Marketing and Why Should You Care?

When devising your social media marketing strategy, it can be all too easy to forget about Instagram in the mix. Compared with Facebook, Instagram has relatively few users and it’s not as clear how it can be monetized. There’s no content in an image and people don’t want pictures in their Instagram feed telling them to ‘buy now’ or sign up to their mailing list…

So with all that in mind, why would you invest a lot of time or money into the platform?

Well, actually there are a lot of good reasons. When used correctly, Instagram is a fantastic way to promote products and services, to increase your brand’s visibility and to position yourself as a hip and artistic organization. We’ll get into the details and the statistics later on but the bottom line is that you’ll probably be surprised. Instagram is bigger than Twitter and its users are far more engaged and far happier to buy products – even when compared with Facebook itself!

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3 Reasons To Market On IG

  • Current stats from 2016 show that it hosts between 400-500 million active users per month. People have processed over 30 billion photographs on the site in total and a mind-bending 70 million pictures are shared per day, excluding video content! This alone should be reason enough to put Instagram high up on your social media priorities list.

  • The human brain processes visual information about 60,000 times faster than it does written information. Even if you just glimpse the image as you scroll through your feed, your mind has been imprinted with that information and stores it better than text. Your brain is also likely to remember 80% of the visual input it receives, while it will only retain about 20% of what it reads and 10% of what it hears, according to user statistics.

  • The statistics reveal to us that Instagram is popular amongst the youth between 18-34, accounting for 65% of its user base. U.S. stats reveal that 32% of millennial users thought of Instagram as being the most popular and important social media platform currently. In the future, this generation of youth is going to be dominating the business scene and this world that is blooming now will be the next standardized upbringing for them. This means that if your brand wants to survive that leap towards the next generation, you better get on Instagram and fast! Download The Full Guide.