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10 Instagram Hacks That Actually Work!

I’m gonna change the course of your entire life OK maybe not change the course of your entire life, but I’m here to give you guys 10 Instagram hacks that you probably never knew existed. That will help you guys gain audience engagement, so likes and followers. But also just use Instagram to it’s fullest potential, and create the most awesome feed on Earth! I’m secretly a nerd at heart and I love researching things like marketing and social media So this is all things that I have found from surfing the web, reading different articles and I thought I would share them with you.

Because a lot of people do care a lot about social media. Now I just want to give a disclaimer! Obviously, Instagram is not the whole world, social media is not the world. It doesn’t matter how many likes or followers you have don’t think it matters, IT DOESN’T! Some of you out there really seem to care about it and I think that you will appreciate these hacks I am about to give you.

Without further ado let’s get into the hacks! OK, so the first hack I’m going to tell you is how to insert a page break in you Instagram caption. A lot of Youtubers do this a lot and I have always wondered how people do it Because when you try and do it on Instagram it doesn’t seem to work.

Now a lot of people think you need to type out your caption in another app like notes then copy it and paste it on Instagram. But that is false! I repeat there is a WAY easier way than that to do it. So here’s how you do it! Notice when you go to make a caption it doesn’t give you the option of hitting return, in order to enter down a couple lines. In order to get the option of clicking return you simply have to push the one two three button on your phone.

And then ‘wa la’ there is the return button! So all you have to do once you find the return button is simply type out the beginning of your caption, push return and type out the rest. Then hit share and you will see that nice page break in your caption.

Now there is one catch! Unfortunately, you can’t use emojis in the beginning of your sentences, or at the end of your sentences, you have to use then in the middle of your paragraph.

Or else that page break will disappear but all you have to make sure to do is stick emojis in the middle of your sentences and the page breaker works! Now, this next hack is for increasing audience engagement.

According to sprout social, mentioning an Instagram handle in the caption of your photo actually, increases engagement by 56%! That is like a lot of engagement increasing! So say you want to post a picture of you and your friend instead of just tagging them in the photo. You want to find a way to mention their handle in the caption. “OMG! @maddymcq is literal goal am I right! #goals #love you! It as easy as that! Ok, the next hack is to solve everything of double tap paranoia! You will know what I am talking about if you’ve ever been stalking someone so hard on Instagram! You go back like 150 weeks maybe more.

And you accidentally double tap and like their photo as your scrolling.

Here’s a full proof way to avoid double tap paranoia, And you will never have to worry about it! It will save your life. All you have to do is open Instagram to the page you want to stalk, then turn on airplane mode. Once it is fully loaded and then scroll through. You will not be able to double tap because you’re not connected to the internet. There you go! So apparently photos that are predominantly blue receive 24% more engagement than other photos.

Hmm This could be photos incorporating water or the sky, or kind of anything that is blueish. Another thing you can do if you live somewhere, where this is water or a lot of blue things. Are you can actually highlight the shadows with a blue tint. I like to do this a lot on my photos. I use video cam for this. All you really do is open vision cam, load the photo. Scroll all the way over to the shadows section, click on the blue one.

And I like to lower it to about 6 or 7.

So it’s not too overwhelming but it kind of gives that blue tint to my photos. And apparently, this is really attractive to people. Maybe because so many people favorite color is blue. My favorite color maybe blue. The next way to increase engagement on your photos is to geotag them. I’m sure you do this already but if you didn’t know, this increases engagement by 79%. That is a huge percentage, but you do want to be REALLY careful about this! Instagram is really creepy and it marks photos down to basically the exact street they were taken.

So really want to be safe and precocious when you are geotagging photos. Which leads me to my next hack. My next hack is how to remove your location from Instagram photos. Now even if you don’t geotag your photos on Instagram. They actually still store all of the data of your location within Instagram. People can actually find it! To remove your location simply go to your Instagram profile and click on the pin.

Zoom into the photos you want to remove all location information from. I recommend that you do this to all your old photos or even any that are near your home. Then all you do is click edit in the upper right corner and click on the photos you want to remove and push done. When geotagging I recommend using very broad locations. Such as Los Angeles California. Just because it doesn’t allow people to really track you. Yeah, you don’t want to get stalked. Alright, my next hack is for people who are completely Instagram feed challenged like myself. I can’t just can’t So one thing you can do that can help is go on to Pinterest and look up the Instagram theme.

Basically, you can scroll through the options, until you find one that kind of matches the aesthetic you like and the kind of pictures you post. You just do that for all your pictures and there you have a feed.

You see I can teach you but I can’t do it myself, it is really confusing. So if you cares a lot about your feed. Something you can do is make a “Pre-Instagram page” Basically this is a page that no one can follow, its private.

But it is where you upload your photos before they go on your main account. So basically you can upload it see if it matches with your theme. See if it looks good. Then you can either delete or re-upload new ones. Now this one is obviously going to take up a lot more time and effort. Some people want to do that effort in order to make sure their feed is good.

Now my next hack is for saving edited from Instagram. But not actually posting them. So just go on to Instagram, load the photo you want to edit.

Edit it to your liking. Turn on airplane mode and press share. Obviously, the share is going to fail, because of your on airplane mode. But if you have on the setting to save original photos. Which go to your settings make sure that ‘Save Original Photos’ is highlighted. Then even when you push share and it fails you will still get a copy of your edited photo.

There you have it. Ok, my last and final Instagram hack is to reorder the filters on Instagram. To your liking. So all you do is load your picture and once you get to the part where you are choosing a filter. Scroll all the way to the end where is says ‘Manage’ once you click manage.

Once you click manage you are able to check off all the ones you want to hide. You’re able to rearrange them.Really do whatever you want. That way it’s completely customized. I bet you didn’t know you could do that. Ok so those are all my Instagram hacks if you guys enjoyed it, and you want me to make more videos like this give it a thumbs up! I actually have more hacks but I didn’t want to drag this video out forever.

I hope you learned something new. If you apply it let my know in the comments bellow. Again I just want to reiterate this. Social media and followings ARE NOT THE WHOLE World! It doesn’t really matter at all actually. So don’t get too caught up in it! Enjoy your life in the real world. Not just on the social media world. Don’t forget that I also have a vlog channel that you can check out.

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