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How To Make MONEY On INSTAGRAM In 2017

There are two reasons why you can start an Instagram account. The first reason is that you actually build an account based on your passion and interest. The second reason is: that you think ‘how much money can this account make me’? Well my friend, if you create an account based on those two reasons then you’re already winning. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you need to gradually develop a love for a certain niche.

So don’t be afraid to stick with the niche you’ve chosen for. Another thing you should pay attention to is the growth of accounts in a certain niche and also what are the monetization options? So I’ve picked the most important niches in my opinion in 2017 on Instagram, and I’m going to discuss what you can expect regarding the monetization options and also what you can expect with regards to growth of an account in that particular niche.

So the first niche that I’m going to talk about is the ‘quote’ niche. I personally have two accounts in this niche. On average a quote page doesn’t really grow fast. That’s because the content isn’t really ‘shareable’. You see a quote, but you aren’t really aroused, but you don’t really want to tag a friend in the comment section. Or maybe you do, but you aren’t really like: ‘MAN I NEED TO SHARE THIS’.

No, you aren’t like that. So that’s why I think that most quote pages don’t really grow that fast. However, there are some pages, pages with millions of followers, that grow really fast. And with fast I mean at least 90k followers per month.

So that’s enough about the growth, let’s talk about the monetization options. The monetizations options are really awesome. Especially motivational and inspirational pages have a lot of options to monetize their audience. They can work with brands, they can do affiliate marketing, they can sell shoutouts to smaller pages, they can also sell growth packages to smaller pages. So in sum, inspirational & motivational pages have a lot of potentials to be profitable. The second niche I’m going to talk about is the ‘luxury’ niche. Accounts in this niche can grow very fast. Especially the new ones. I don’t know why but the algorithm seems to favor the new luxury accounts. However, the rates that you can for a product promotion on a luxury page are lower than the ones you can ask for a similar sized quote page.

So what about the monetization options? Well, to be honest, they are the same as with the quote niche. The third niche I’m going to talk about is the ‘travel’ niche. Accounts in this niche can grow very fast.

Sometimes even faster than accounts in the luxury niche. I’ll go more in-depth about those strategies later on in this crash course. For now, you should keep in mind that the content that they post on their pages is very good.

They post beautiful videos about traveling, or pictures about traveling. They make you feel like; I want to go there, I want to leave my job, leave my children and live there wherever the hell that is. The monetization options are also very good. You can work with brands, you can do some affiliate marketing, you can also sell promotions to smaller pages. However, you should keep in mind that the traveling niche is very targeted, you know, so I wouldn’t say limited, but your advertising opportunities are more geared towards everything that has to do with traveling.

So nothing outside of that in most cases. The fourth niche is probably my favorite niche. It is the teen girls accounts, these accounts grow very fast. Sometimes even up to 200.000 followers a month. These accounts post those relatable pictures and videos that you sometimes see showing up on your Facebook feed. I might hear you wondering…which brand wants to promote their products on a teen girl account. Well many do, I mean like literally many brands on Instagram are oriented towards teenagers. So you have a page that can grow really fast and also has a high potential to be profitable.

The fifth niche I’m going to talk about is the ‘fitness’ niche.

This niche is very saturated. I mean everyone that goes to the gym right now and has an Instagram account calls herself a ‘fit girl’ or calls himself a ‘fit guy’. So do these pages grow well? No, they really don’t. They grow really slow. Can a fitness page go viral? Yeah, they can if they post amazing workout videos, or if they post amazing transformational pictures, you know with a before and an after picture or if they post a cool picture of their cheat meals, like for example The Rock often does. So what are the monetization options? Well, if you build up your following, you know, you can work with brands, you can do sponsorships, you can do some affiliate marketing, you can sell your own training and dieting programs. So there is really some money to be made when you start up a fitness account. However, you need to be unique, you really need to stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from the others to build your following, because there are already a lot of fitness accounts out there.

So you really need to think about how you can add more value to this niche.

The final niche that I’m going to talk about is the comedy niche. This niche is posts very relatable memes and you know the funny content. And sometimes this content goes viral, but in most cases it won’t, because a lot of other comedy accounts copy each other so this means that the same meme is posted on a lot of different accounts. So sometimes the growth of an account, of a comedy account, is good like 60k followers a month, but in most cases, it’s just average so like 20 to 30k followers per month. So how are the monetization options? Well, they aren’t really that great.

I mean, yes you can still promotions to other pages or to the brand, but your followers follow you especially to laugh and to have a good time. So they won’t really engage with the content in most cases. Or maybe they do, and then you have a great account.

However, in most cases, they won’t. You have to be a bit more creative with how you monetize your audience. So in sum, I hope that this overview will help you with deciding what type of account you want to start. I’ve also decided to start a Facebook group, about social media & motivation. This is going to be a group where you can ask for information, exchange information and just basically learn more about social media. This group is free to join, so the link is in the description box, and you can just join for free.

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