Reviews & Testimonials

I was a first-time business owner, without a clue, and needed someone to help me create a brand for my business. I was fortunate to have been directed to Shane for help with our design. He spoke with me and my staff to get a feel for what our mission was and came back with EXACTLY what I had envisioned. He was able to take our message and create an image/art that visually represented who we were and what we were doing. Our logo was easily recognizable and helped us to quickly build our business! In my latest endeavor, Shane once again has a very intuitive understanding of what I "try" to put into words and is able to produce exactly what I need. His insight and guidance are invaluable and our brainstorming sessions create major breakthroughs! I highly recommend ShanePerry SEO for all his services, especially Instagram Marketing/Management. You get more than just Web Design, you get a consummate professional! - Adam Smeth

I met Shane through searching on Google "Hawaii SEO" and he was listed at the top 10 in Hawaii. He consistently brings so much value to any team he works with and implements the best strategies for social media and website optimization. His digital marketing expertise, professionalism, business experience, and leadership are all key factors in how he helps his clients achieve lasting results. I highly suggest connecting with Shane if you need professional digital marketing! - Christi M Zendejas


For nine years I have been using another Web company with very little results. Finding Shane was the biggest blessing ever as he knows his stuff and in just one week of switching over I am seeing amazing results.
The layout is so refreshing and user-friendly. The colors and images flow and its very easy to navigate. Overall the simplicity, ease and content are excellent. Great job Shane - Gia Sterman

I've gotten to sit down one on one with Shane and learn from his knowledge on SEO and Marketing. He's knowledgeable, experienced, and I've really benefitted from his training. I would totally recommend getting your site ranked with his SEO techniques! - Matt Demichele