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Kahuku Farms: A Farm to Table Cafe on Oahu | Hawaii Aloha Travel One thing that I love about being a blogger is that I get to constantly go out and try new things here in Hawaii. But today, I’m going to tell you about one of my old favorites, a place I have been going back to over and over again for years. Kahuku Farms is a farm-to-table restaurant run by two families with deep roots in Hawaii. It’s one of those hidden gems that I get so excited to share with people. Kahuku Farms: The Beginning The Matsuda and Fukuyama families migrated to Hawaii from Japan in the 1900s to work on sugar plantations. Shinichi and Torie Matsuda farmed bell peppers, papayas, watermelon and bananas in Kahuku in the 1940’s. Later, their son started to farm as well. During the same time, Masatsugu and Nora Fukuyama also lived in Kahuku. They farmed watermelon, eggplant, papaya, and cucumbers. They too were later joined by their son, Clyde. Clyde and Melvin became friends and discovered that they had similar goals and ways of doing things. With a handshake agreement, they decided to create their own company that sold fruit and vegetables wholesale. They later decided to create Kahuku Farms to share the wonders and bounty of farming with friends and family, to educate, share and offer hands-on experiences that would enhance the quality of life and result in a deeper appreciation of agriculture as their purpose. Today, the farm is still owned and operated by the families. They hope to expand to agri-tourism next. Farm-to-Table I go to Kahuku Farms at least once per month. It’s my favorite place to get lunch in Hawaii. Not only is the food incredible, but you are also supporting local families and eating the freshest food around. Plus, as you eat your lunch, you can see the farm where your food was grown. It doesn’t get more local than that. Vegetarians rejoice! There are no dishes with meat. But if you are a meat lover, trust me, you won’t be missing it. Among their famous dishes is a grilled veggie panini on focaccia bread with grilled eggplant, bell pepper and zucchini, tomato, hydroponic lettuce, fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic herb mayo. Another favorite is a grilled veggie salad with hydroponic lettuce, grilled eggplant, bell pepper and zucchini, tomato, cucumber, mozzarella, and lilikoi balsamic dressing. They

Pro Surfer Kelly Slater Scores a Beautiful Spot on Oahu’s North Shore>

It's oh-so-apropos for a dude who loves to ride sweet waves. In late March, pro surfer Kelly Slater rode into a beautiful beachfront house on the North Shore of Oahu, in the town of Haleiwa. The legendary wave rider paid $7.8 million for a home in a town where everyone knows his name. According to listing agent Anne Hogan Perry of Coldwell Banker’s Honolulu office, Slater grew up in Florida, but his family would rent homes along Papailoa Road, which happens to be part of Slater’s new address. “It’s always had a strong connection to him,” Hogan Perry says. “It’s one of his favorite surf breaks.” Luckily for him, the property offers 100 feet of private oceanfront. Known as the Seven Mile Miracle, this stretch of beach “has remained very stable” and had little ownership turnover, according to Hogan Perry. The 8,000-square-foot home is “built like a fortress ... for the elements,” she adds. Slater was concerned about the hardiness of the home, which has a larger lot than its neighbors. Influenced by Asian and Hawaiian design, the compound comprises the main house, a two-bedroom guesthouse, and a one-bedroom cottage. High ceilings, tall windows, open walls were designed to bring the outdoors in. There's also a pool, a pond with a Buddha statue, and boardwalks with a tropical Asia setting. All three buildings open out to the pool and lush gardens. The desirable home actually received 10 offers, but the seller chose Slater even though his bid was not the highest. The seller “felt that Kelly was the right person to carry on the (home’s) tradition,” says Hogan Perry.

Wing Ice Cream: Homemade on Oahu · The Tripidee Blog

Wing Ice Cream: Homemade on Oahu Posted by Michelle Share In many towns, ice cream is a seasonal treat, however, in Hawaii, it can be enjoyed year round.  Lucky Hawaii!  Those looking for a gustatory experience apart from the humdrum vanilla, chocolate and strawberry can venture to Chinatown on Oahu for an ice cream shop that wows with unique flavors. Tucked away next to a lei store is Wing Ice Cream.   They serve an eclectic array of flavors like Rose, Strawberry with Oreos, Mango, Lavender, and Li-Hing. Each flavor is produced in a small batch and the flavors are rotated frequently because the owner adds in customer requests and his own concoctions.  Whimsical Flavors Reading some of the flavors is like peering into the brilliant brain of a mad ice cream scientist – The Dirty Diaper (Vaniller, Fudge, Brownie and caramel, Violet Beauregarde (Blueberry and violet), Coco Tiger (coconut, mango, ginger), and Guabanero (guava and habanero). Ice Cream for Everyone! Ice cream enthusiasts of all types can enjoy Wings.  There are a variety of flavors to choose from and they have a coconut based ice cream for Vegans.   The shop is also open late.  It’s a great place to go after a day at the beach or work. No Samples and Bring Cash Because the ice cream is made in such small batches, they don’t offer samples.  I recommend bringing a few people and ordering different flavors so you can taste a range.  Also, bring cash as they do not take credit cards. We added Wing Ice Cream to our Oahu Must Do trip.  While ice cream is not a must do, it is very important.  Check out the Oahu trip for ideas for your Hawaii trip planning.  

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