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HOW TO INSERT LINE BREAKS ON YOUR INSTAGRAM PROFILES? Have you ever seen beautiful Instagram profiles and then tries to create one yourself and noticed there's no line feed in this short video I'm going to tell you how to add line feeds to your profile if I click Change profile and then actually try to type stuff here in the profile description you will notice there is no Enter key there's no line feed no way to switch line and make a new line it's just not possible in this profile description so how can you do it it's also not possible by switching here between different languages and numbers and stuff know where there's no return key no way to make a new line feed. Now, the trick for this is very easy just go to any other text program you have on your mobile like here I'm on notes I create the beautiful little text there and you also see there is a return button available I just copied all of this text just copy all of this text then go back to my Instagram profile that's where it still contains that nonsense and then I add the new description. that's it! that's the easy hack to add line breaks to your profile description. so I hope this little hack helps you create a beautiful Instagram profile as you like it. for more tips please subscribe to my youtube channel thanks have an awesome day.

10 Instagram Hacks That Actually Work!

10 Instagram Hacks That Actually Work! I'm gonna change the course of your entire life OK maybe not change the course of your entire life, but I'm here to give you guys 10 Instagram hacks that you probably never knew existed. That will help you guys gain audience engagement, so likes and followers. But also just use Instagram to it's fullest potential, and create the most awesome feed on Earth! I'm secretly a nerd at heart and I love researching things like marketing and social media So this is all things that I have found from surfing the web, reading different articles and I thought I would share them with you. Because a lot of people do care a lot about social media. Now I just want to give a disclaimer! Obviously, Instagram is not the whole world, social media is not the world. It doesn't matter how many likes or followers you have don't think it matters, IT DOESN'T! Some of you out there really seem to care about it and I think that you will appreciate these hacks I am about to give you. Without further ado let's get into the hacks! OK, so the first hack I'm going to tell you is how to insert a page break in you Instagram caption. A lot of Youtubers do this a lot and I have always wondered how people do it Because when you try and do it on Instagram it doesn't seem to work. Now a lot of people think you need to type out your caption in another app like notes then copy it and paste it on Instagram. But that is false! I repeat there is a WAY easier way than that to do it. So here's how you do it! Notice when you go to make a caption it doesn't give you the option of hitting return, in order to enter down a couple lines. In order to get the option of clicking return you simply have to push the one two three button on your phone. And then 'wa la' there is the return button! So all you have to do once you find the return button is simply type out the beginning of your caption, push return and type out the rest. Then hit share and you will see that nice page break in your caption. Now there is one catch! Unfortunately, you

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