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Integrating Responsive Video Into Your Web Designs – noupe

has become the norm as modern applications and websites are expected to adapt and fit into different screen sizes. It provides an optimal viewing experience to users, irrespective of the device, window size, orientation, or resolution. Content and videos should be fluid enough to accommodate different viewports. Websites can be viewed on a range of

Tips For A Stunning Instagram Feed

Tips For A Stunning Instagram Feed - Let's face it, the prettier (popping) your Instagram feed is the more followers you're gonna have. Increasing your followers on Instagram requires you to post quality images and beautifully written descriptions and use effective hashtags. Here are some tips to transform your Instagram feed to look like a

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

Installing Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners In this blog post, you're going to learn exactly how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website and we'll cover three methods you can choose from to easily add Google Analytics to WordPress. You can choose which method works best for you. See, knowing how your audience

15 Proven Methods for Increasing Organic Traffic in 2017

15 Proven Methods for Increasing Organic Traffic in 2017 Many business owners understand both the benefits of SEO and the sheer potential for transforming organic visitors into long-term paying customers. But the issue isn't so much realizing that there is a benefit as much as it is finding strategies that work. Instead of providing you

The Epic Rise of SEO: How, Why & Where to Invest – Search Engine Journal

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a force to be reckoned with through mind, matter, and money. Here are my tools to conquer it. SEO Is the Core of Brand Development, Awareness & Engagement The clear majority of web traffic is facilitated by the heavy hitters of search engines: your Googles, Bings, and Yahoos. Thus,

Half of Google’s First Page Results are HTTPS, According to Moz

Half of Google’s First Page Results are HTTPS Moz reports the number of HTTPS results on Google’s first page has risen from 30% to 50% over a period of 9 months. Due to the fact this has been a gradual increase with no big jumps, Moz attributes the growth to a steady adoption of HTTPS

How to Improve Your Website Navigation: 7 Essential Best Practices

Benj Arriola Website navigation, when done right, is great for your users and your SEO performance. Good website navigation makes it easy for your visitors to find what they want and for search engines to crawl. The result: more conversions and greater search visibility. But how do you actually do it? By using these website navigation best practices. What