Maui Now : Maui Ranked Among Best Places to Visit in US

Maui Ranked Among Best Places to Visit in US Maui was ranked among best places to visit in the USA on a list compiled by US News and World Report. The publication highlighted Maui’s idyllic beaches, parks and East Maui’s Kaihalulu sands and Road to Hana, calling Maui “escapism at its finest.” Maui was ranked number four behind first-place New York City, 2nd place Philadelphia, and third place Honolulu. San Francisco rounded out the top five.  Other Hawaiʻi locations making the list were Kauaʻi at #11 and the Big Island of Hawaiʻi at #12. The complete list of locations named on the Best USA Vacations list were: #1 New York City; #2 Philadelphia; #3 Honolulu; #4 Maui; #5 San Francisco; #6 Grand Canyon; #7 Sonoma; #8 Washington D.C.; #9 New Orleans; #10 San Diego; #11 Kauaʻi; #12 Big Island of Hawaiʻi; #13 Breckenridge; #14 Boston; #15 Miami; #16 Los Angeles; #17 Chaleston; #18 Yosemite; #19 Seattle; #20 Asheville; #21 Park City; #22 Denver; #23 Savannah; #24 Big Sur; and #25 Yellowstone. US News analyzed more than 300 destinations for its Best Vacation Rankings, using a methodology that combines travelers’ opinions with expert and editor analysis. Each destination was scored in 10 categories, from sights, culture, and food to nightlife, adventure, and romance. US News & World Report also released lists today for the World’s Best Places to Visit as well as region-specific lists and the Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean as well as the Best Small Towns in the USA and the Best National Parks in the USA.   Wendy Osher The publication highlighted Maui's idyllic beaches, parks and East Maui's Kaihalulu sands and Road to Hana, calling Maui "escapism at its finest."

Eat, Drink And Be Maui

  1. ISLAND ROOTS Maui Brewing Co. aircraft its Island Root Beer with organic cane sugar, local honey, and Hawaiian vanilla. 4-pack is $10. The pale-gold Bikini Blonde Lager has a sweet caramel malt aroma and a crisp, clean flavor. $10/4- or 6-pack. At Maui Brewing Co ., 605 Lipoa Parkway, Kihei, 213-3002; or visit 2. POP STAR Shaka Pops gourmet ice toppings reflect the saviors of the Islands, with the freshest local render and parts. Seem for flavors like strawberry banana( demonstrated ), Lava Flow, POG( pineapple-orange-guava ), pineapple ginger, coconut lime and more.$ 4 each. Visit for retailers and mobile locations. 3. BAR EXCELLENCE bRAW's superfood saloons are made without refined sugar, chemicals or preservatives. They come in four yummy flavors: coconut macadamia, almond crunch, chocolate espresso and super green. $42/ container often online. For retail locations, visit 4. HOT SPLASH HI SPICE builds its tropical hot sauces here on Maui, using fresh ingredients from local farms.$ 7- $10/5 -oz. bottles. Visit to order and find retailers around the island. 5. GO NUTS Maui Raw's Mac Nosh is a deliciously healthy alternative to chips; it's made from a combination of fresh, dehydrated vegetables, organic seeds and macadamia nuts. Starts at $5/5 -oz purse. Slather with Maui Raw's decadent cultured-macadamia-nut spreads in flavors like Pineapple Pepp'ah, Fig'n Curry, and Chive'n the Lavender. From $6/6 -oz tub. Visit for where to buy. 6. HAVE A BLAST Donut Dynamite turns brioche dough into mouthwatering treats like this chocolate donut with vanilla bean glaze and homemade candy sprinkles.$ 4 each /$ 33 dozen at 1246 Lower Main Street, Wailuku, 280-6442. Ordering for next-day pickup at  

Finding & Optimizing Click Through Rates For SEO

Finding & Optimizing Click Through Rates For SEO Hi there I'm Chris Berkley and if you don't already know I'm a digital marketing consultant who makes videos about SEO topics. In this one I'm going to talk about click-through rate which is not specifically an SEO concept, it really applies to any type of digital advertising but I'm going to look at it with more of an SEO lens. First, we'll start with a definition: click through rate is basically just the number of - it's a percentage it's a fraction it's a decimal - it is the number of times that somebody clicked on something divided by the number of times that that thing appeared. Most of the time you're going to look at those two numbers in terms of clicks and impressions with clicks being the number of times somebody clicked and impressions being the number of times it showed up. So in the scheme of SEO click rate is going to be the number of times that someone clicked on your webpage divided by the number of times that your webpage appeared in search results. So that's great but how do you get those numbers and how do you know what your click through rate is. The answer is Google Search Console which is something that I use almost as much as I use Google Analytics. It provides all these numbers for you and it's free to sign up which I'll show you how to do in another video as well. So let's dig in a little bit and look at some of the ways that we can look at click through rate, clicks, and impressions in Search Console. Once you've logged in to Search Console, in order to get any type of click-through rate data, you have to go to Search Analytics and click on that. And then this will bring up the base set of data is going to be focused on clicks and queries. Clicks will be the number of clicks to the site and it's going to look at it on a per keyword basis. For the purpose of click-through rate, this isn't that beneficial because we know that the Meta Description is going to appear for most of the keywords that are driving clicks to the site and it's not keyword specific so we'll be better off to look at it at

How To Make MONEY On INSTAGRAM In 2017 | Instagram Marketing Crash Course

How To Make MONEY On INSTAGRAM In 2017 There are two reasons why you can start an Instagram account. The first reason is that you actually build an account based on your passion and interest. The second reason is: that you think 'how much money can this account make me'? Well my friend, if you create an account based on those two reasons then you're already winning. However, this isn't always the case. Sometimes you need to gradually develop a love for a certain niche. So don't be afraid to stick with the niche you've chosen for. Another thing you should pay attention to is the growth of accounts in a certain niche and also what are the monetization options? So I've picked the most important niches in my opinion in 2017 on Instagram, and I'm going to discuss what you can expect regarding the monetization options and also what you can expect with regards to growth of an account in that particular niche. So the first niche that I'm going to talk about is the 'quote' niche. I personally have two accounts in this niche. On average a quote page doesn't really grow fast. That's because the content isn't really 'shareable'. You see a quote, but you aren't really aroused, but you don't really want to tag a friend in the comment section. Or maybe you do, but you aren't really like: 'MAN I NEED TO SHARE THIS'. No, you aren't like that. So that's why I think that most quote pages don't really grow that fast. However, there are some pages, pages with millions of followers, that grow really fast. And with fast I mean at least 90k followers per month. So that's enough about the growth, let's talk about the monetization options. The monetizations options are really awesome. Especially motivational and inspirational pages have a lot of options to monetize their audience. They can work with brands, they can do affiliate marketing, they can sell shoutouts to smaller pages, they can also sell growth packages to smaller pages. So in sum, inspirational & motivational pages have a lot of potentials to be profitable. The second niche I'm going to talk about is the 'luxury' niche. Accounts in this niche can grow very fast. Especially the new ones. I don't know why but the algorithm seems to favor the new luxury accounts. However, the rates that you can


HOW TO INSERT LINE BREAKS ON YOUR INSTAGRAM PROFILES? Have you ever seen beautiful Instagram profiles and then tries to create one yourself and noticed there's no line feed in this short video I'm going to tell you how to add line feeds to your profile if I click Change profile and then actually try to type stuff here in the profile description you will notice there is no Enter key there's no line feed no way to switch line and make a new line it's just not possible in this profile description so how can you do it it's also not possible by switching here between different languages and numbers and stuff know where there's no return key no way to make a new line feed. Now, the trick for this is very easy just go to any other text program you have on your mobile like here I'm on notes I create the beautiful little text there and you also see there is a return button available I just copied all of this text just copy all of this text then go back to my Instagram profile that's where it still contains that nonsense and then I add the new description. that's it! that's the easy hack to add line breaks to your profile description. so I hope this little hack helps you create a beautiful Instagram profile as you like it. for more tips please subscribe to my youtube channel thanks have an awesome day.

Maui’s 7 Best Farms to Visit

7 Best Farms to Visit In Maui When you think of Hawaii, the first few things that most likely pop up in your mind are the sun, sand, and waterfalls. And while those may be the primary reasons for vacationing in the Aloha State, there’s actually much more to do than bake in the sun, especially if you’re headed to Maui. Throughout the island are a variety of incredible farms that you’re able to tour, from an organic tropical fruit plantation to a cheese-producing dairy. Many even have on-site restaurants where you can enjoy a true farm-to-table meal. So whether you’re staying in the resort area of Wailea, where a trip to up-country Maui is a short drive away, or making the trek all the way to the rural and peaceful town of Hana (which, by the way, the incredibly winding road with its beautiful vistas is totally worth the two hours from the airport), here are seven exceptional farms that are worth the visit. A few of the goats at Surfing Goat Dairy. Surfing Goat Dairy One of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll have on the island, Surfing Goat Dairy holds walking tours about every half hour, during which you can feed the adorable animals, see the facilities, and sample its award-winning cheeses that come in a variety of flavors (the Rolling Green with fresh garlic chives is a must). And if you’re not a fan of goat cheese, don’t let your distaste deter you from visiting—the strong gaminess often associated with such cheeses is nearly nonexistent due to Surfing Goat’s use of vegetable rennet to coagulate the milk. The cheeses are so incredibly creamy and delightful that a bevy of restaurants use them, including the recently redesigned Humuhumunukunukuapuaa at the Grand Wailea resort. But before you head out, make your way inside the store and pick up a few handmade dark chocolate truffles. Filled with ganache made from goat cheese, the confections not only have fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol than many traditional butter-and-cream counterparts, but also more vitamins A and B, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.   The chocolate set-up for Hana Gold’s collaboration with Ala Kukui. Hana Gold A four-person operation, Hana Gold is a cacao plantation run by husband and wife Robert and Francine Frost, along with their son and daughter-in-law, who are all largely self-taught and have gone through years of trial and error to

Google: How to Create Better Meta Descriptions

Google: How to Create Better Meta Descriptions Google has liberated some recommendations regarding how to create better meta descriptions for search results. In addition, Google is doing its part to improve meta descriptions by making a notable update to how "they il be" rendered. How Google Generates Meta Descriptions When deciding which information to display in the snippet of a search outcome, Google will first turn to the content within the page itself and extract the most relevant information. In the event that a page's content is not its most important source based on the user's query, Google will then turn to the manually written meta description to display in the search snippet. Previously, if the page content was not the most relevant source for generating a snippet, and there was no meta description, Google would pull information from DMOZ. With DMOZ now closed, Google has stopped relying on the web directory for making snippets. With that being said, it has become more important than ever for website owners to write good meta descriptions. Google goes on to explain what it considers to be a good meta description. " Good meta descriptions are short blurbs that describe accurately the content of the page. They are like a pitch that persuade the user that the page is exactly what they're looking for ." The most common troubles website owners need to watch out for when creating meta descriptions is neglecting to generate them at all. Another issue is using the same meta description for all pages across the website. Other problems include writing off-topic, spammy, or low-quality meta descriptions. Google says there is technically no character restriction to meta descriptions, but they will be truncated to fit the width of the machine they're being viewed on. Going forward the NOODP robots directive, which prevented Google from employing DMOZ to create snippets, no longer needs to be used.

Maui Dolphins Desperately Need Human Intervention – Awesome Ocean

Featured Image Credit: hectorsdolphins.comBy Laura O’BrienMāui dolphins are black, white, and grey marine mammals who live solely off the coast of New Zealand. The adorable marine mammals are a unique and important presence in the shallow waters off the western coast of North Island, New Zealand. Unfortunately, the dolphins have become alarmingly scarce, and action must be taken immediately. New Zealand’s Minister of Conservation released an updated Threatened Species Strategy which describes Māui dolphins as “nationally critical”. However, despite their desperate need for help, the dolphins are not everyone’s primary concern.The most significant threat to Māui dolphins (as well as many other marine mammals) is human activity. Fishing practices within the Māui dolphins’ habitat are decimating the population, and the regulations in place are completely inadequate. The New Zealand Department of Conservation estimated that there were ONLY 63 ADULT MĀUI DOLPHINS ALIVE LAST YEAR. Think about that. The unfortunate creatures have an incredibly small environment, yet only 30% of this is protected. According to New Zealand’s online magazine The Spinoff, “75% of New Zealanders think the government should financially assist fishing people and communities to switch to dolphin-safe fishing methods in Māui dolphin habitat.” With such overwhelming support for measures to be taken, it is shocking that more efforts have not been made to save the species.Business and Economic Research Limited released a report which estimated that the government could fund the transition to dolphin safe fishing in the areas where Māui dolphins live for merely $26 million. Although this number may seem large, $26 million is a minuscule amount of the government’s budget. In fact, it is less than 1% of the surplus New Zealand expects this year. Although the government has offered no promising approach to saving the Māui dolphins, the New Zealand government did announce that they will be using $178 million to improve and expand tourist facilities. Expenditures like this are causing New Zealanders to speak out about what they view as misallocation of government resources.It is time for the Minister of Primary Industries, Nathan Guy, to listen to the people; it is time to save New Zealand’s beloved Māui dolphins! All we have to do is try. Awesome Ocean Dive deeper into an ocean of awesome things.

Best Tips for Driving the Road to Hana, Maui

Jack Johnston strums his guitar and sings of Taylor finding a better world.While I’m not wishing for a better world myself, his breezy laid back acoustic tunes are the perfect friend for our adventure driving the Road to Hana in Maui, one of the most famous road trips in Hawaii.Jack Johnson has said in interviews before that his muse for writing songs doesn’t come from pushing the art but by being present with nature, with the Hawaiian air and ocean and the songs just start coming.In essence, connect deeply to life and let it flow.There is nothing distracting you from the essence of life on the Road to Hana, except perhaps Jack’s soothing melodies.The 45-mile road to Hana drive from Paia to Hana is embedded on the side of the high jungle cliffs plunging into the sea revealing panoramic Pacific Ocean views, bamboo jungle and Norfolk pines, sacred waterfalls and swimming holes, lava tubes, tropical flowers and roadside food stands.The mountain streams provide a refreshing reward for the many twists and turns.Hold your stomach tight, up ahead you have 617 hairpin curves and 56 one-lane bridges. You’re going to need a bit of stamina, especially on that long winding road home. You’re going to be wishing you could click your heels three times.Driving the Road to Hana in Maui is high on the bucket list of many who want to visit Maui, the second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands.For us, this road trip fell a little short of our expectations given the exhausting length of those windy roads. We found notable sights were poorly marked, and because we have done so many great drives like the Daintree Rainforest and Great Ocean Road in Australia, and the Chapman’s Peak Drive and Garden Route in South Africa, we were a little under-awed.However, if a scenic jungle drive is something you have not done before, you’ll probably love it.In this Road to Hana guide we’ll share with you the best Road to Hana stops with a few tips for driving the Road to Hana so you can have the best experience possible (this is why we do this so we can use our mistakes to help you have a better experience!)Ultimate Road to Hana GuideThe Hana Highway is a 64.4-mile (103.6 km) long stretch of a two-lane road connecting Kahului with the town of Hana in east Maui.Although Hana is only about 52

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