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Tips For A Stunning Instagram Feed

Tips For A Stunning Instagram Feed - Let's face it, the prettier (popping) your Instagram feed is the more followers you're gonna have. Increasing your followers on Instagram requires you to post quality images and beautifully written descriptions and use effective hashtags. Here are some tips to transform your Instagram feed to look like a pro. Tip Number 1: Make sure to always shoot in bright lights. Great lighting brings out details and vivid colors. Photos taken with the absence of light makes it harder for you to manipulate them and edit them. Make sure that you take photos with plenty of light. You can always darken them anytime or play with colors on post-processing. Tip Number 2: Look at your Instagram feed as a big coherent picture. To create an air of consistency among all the photos make sure to tie them together with a unified theme. You can use a consistent element present in all of your photos or stick to a specific color scheme or pattern. Your theme or your look should be something you like replicating in your photos. Follow a consistent color palette, keep your colors coordinated in every photo you post. Play with the same color for a variety of your posts. You can be a minimalist using single elements with a solid color background or use bright colors, the sky's the limit. Tip Number 3: Stay on brand and avoid posting irrelevant stuff, while we're tempted to post that bar photo with our friends or something that excited you about your day. Make sure that all of your pictures are looking great and consistent with what you always put out there. Keeping it neat and disciplined is the secret to your Instagram feed goals. Play with depth. Your image looks better if you get closer or farther away from the subject, but experiment with taking these photos. Tip Number 4: Camera focus plays a key role here. Use it to highlight or show a wide perspective. Make use of symmetry and lines. Explore. Look at your surroundings and find inspiration. Great photos are usually taken from uncanny locations. Keep your eye on alert for the photos you wanna share with the world. Tip Number 5: Batch your photos and take a lot of them. Instagram doesn't have to be momentarily fleeting. You don't need to post current content. That's what Instagram stories are

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

Installing Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners In this blog post, you're going to learn exactly how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website and we'll cover three methods you can choose from to easily add Google Analytics to WordPress. You can choose which method works best for you. See, knowing how your audience interacts with your website is crucial to your site's success. If you're ready to let's get started once you start a blog your number one goal is to get more traffic and subscribers and have Google Analytics on your site, well that helps you make the data-driven decisions you need by showing you the stats that matter. Google Analytics With Google Analytics, you can see stats like who's visiting your site, which posts are the most popular, and how people interact with your site and a lot more. To get Google Analytics on your site you first need to have an analytics account so let's go to if you don't have an account yet you can sign up there. From there you may choose the website and choose account name then setup your property and then go ahead and add our website address here. Now we can choose the category that the site is about and we can set up a reporting zone now we can scroll down and click get tracking ID and now we see the tracking ID here. Syncing Google Analytics With Your Website Okay so we've set up our Google Analytics, now we need to go to our website and set it up so that they're in sync. Alright, now we need to install it on our WordPress dashboard I'm going to go ahead and leave this tab open but I'm going to head over to my WordPress dashboard and from here like I said where I'll show you three different ways that you can use them choose one of these three and the first one is by using a plug-in. Let's go to plugins, add new, I'm looking for a MonsterInsights you see it's the Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterIinsights that's the one we want so we'll click install now and then we need to activate it. Once that's activated let's go ahead and configure it you see you have a notification to do that so we can click it up here or we can even go down

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