The Epic Rise of SEO: How, Why & Where to Invest – Search Engine Journal

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a force to be reckoned with through mind, matter, and money. Here are my tools to conquer it. SEO Is the Core of Brand Development, Awareness & Engagement The clear majority of web traffic is facilitated by the heavy hitters of search engines: your Googles, Bings, and Yahoos. Thus, to not create your content with that in mind is to immediately omit your website from highly valuable traffic. After all, 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. Yes, 93 percent! Take the term “keyword,” and understand its dual meaning. Sure, it is a term that is frequently searched, but also think of it as a key component to your brand development — how it engages your audience and how this term represents your brand. SEO used to be solely tech-oriented, primarily driven by IT people. Now, it supports really all digital marketing and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it should be regarded as a core component of any digital marketing program. SEO Creates & Expands Your Market Position Because of the immense and still-growing popularity of search engines, proper use not only engages your audience but will leave your company ascending the market rankings due to the exponential growth in visibility. The same applies for a thought leader: a company or individual that shows initiative, and subsequently differentiation, in a specific field. To drive SEO interest around your personal brand, you will need to start making a list of keyword phrases that support your competitive position, strengths, skills, and location. Your keywords, when defined and analyzed for search importance and competitiveness, can be used to boost your LinkedIn profile awareness and potential Google search results. SEO in the U.S. vs. Global Outsourcing It’s no secret the rationale behind most foreign outsourcing — cost. The budgetary and futuristic circumstances will differ brand to brand, but undoubtedly there are obstacles in global micromanagement. One is simply the differences in actual language, and as such, rewriting is a must, no matter the country! There are abundant differences between American English and that of Britain, for example. Also, be sure to implement local content. Making your content more relevant to your specific target audience increases local link building opportunities. The Reality of Top Notch SEO Like the old saying goes, you get out you what put in. You need to take the time and develop a sound strategy based

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