9 Local SEO Experts Share One Secret to their Success – Search Engine Journal

Local SEO is more important than ever. That’s why you’re always looking for the best techniques to dominate in the local search rankings and maximize your online visibility. To provide insight into what’s working for local SEOs today, I reached out to my network of search industry experts and asked them a simple question: What is your number one secret for local SEO success? Here are their responses. 1. Build a Strong Citation Profile Perhaps unsurprisingly, having a strong citation profile still comes up as one of the most talked about points on a local SEO’s checklist, as highlighted by Mark Scully of Learn Inbound: “One of the most important aspects of Local SEO continues to be citations. You haven’t a hope of outperforming your local competition if you’re not investing a large proportion of your time into getting yourself listed on quality industry and city specific citation sources. “So, how do you do it? Simple! Take time to search for the common keywords used for your industry and your location, identify the organic results returned for business listing sites, and then reach out to them to get your business listed. “As with any outreach, it’s about the value-add for the site you’re speaking to, so you should flag what makes your business a standout resource for their audience. “Attracting citations will be easier if you have a brand that people can warm to. As SEOs, we’re often guilty of just looking at metrics but forget about the most basic areas of branding. Be sure to spend time focusing on the copy contained on the core pages of your site. Make your business sound irresistible by highlighting the value-add of your services, your core values, and what separates you from everyone else as, in the long-term, it will be much easier to attract citations.” 2. Keep Your Citations up to Date As an extension to Mark’s advice, Craig Campbell recommends keeping citations up to date: “It is also important to keep all the data on your listings consistent, using the same structure and information, and avoiding abbreviations as this will just lead to confusion with Google. “Further to this, take the time to work on a strategy to earn links from other relevant local websites to build up local relevancy, something which will go a long way to helping you achieve some good local rankings while building up your citation and trust flow, two metrics which we

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