Digital Marketing Tips For Your Marketing Campaigns

3 Marketing Tips Marketing digitally gives you the opportunity to share your stories, and your expertise. There is so much information out there and most customers are overload information. They don't know where to go, so you have to become a trusted resource. One of the biggest mistakes that digital marketing companies are marketing is, taking an old-fashion mass communication approach toward digital marketing. Which is trying to say the same thing across all platforms, or trying to sell at all points of contact? Your customers, your business partners, are savvier than that, and they might want different interaction from you, in these different platforms. Where marketers really struggle is, how do you keep up, and where should you focus? Most people today understand social media marketing, and digital marketing, to some extent, but maybe not from the business perspective. How does this really drive any of your business goals, anything from awareness to actual sales? If you are a business owner who might want to better understand the digital landscape, Hiring a digital marketing company for expertise is advised. Here are 3 tips you can start using today for your digital marketing campaigns. 1. Be Transparent Most businesses don’t communicate and are transparent with their marketing campaigns. Showing your customers what you're really about can help increase trust. Which brings us to the next tip. 2. Build Trust If you are marketing on social media use the current content to establish that your business can be trusted. When you have customers that trust your product or services, it's really easy to talk about the different things you offer. 3. Be creative Too many businesses aren’t creative in their marketing campaigns. Hire professional content creators to help you design the perfect pitch for your targeted market. Visit this page for more information.

How To Set Up Your Local SEO – Schema Mark Up – SEO Citations

Local SEO Welcome back to SEO Course for WordPress Users. This article is about local SEO. Local SEO works drastically different from the global one because local SEO is all about citations (mentions of your business’ name, address, and phone number). Whereas global SEO is still primarily based on links. Though we're not going to dive into the issue of promoting for local search. We'd like to mention a few really crucial local on-page SEO aspects that you should focus on to rank better in local search. Use your business Name, Address and Phone number (aka NAP) on every single page of your site sticking to the same format. Long story short, you just need to use the text widget to display your business’ NAP in the footer of your WordPress. It’s a perfect location because the footer is the same throughout your whole site. Use your city and state names in your title tags, meta descriptions, and the content of your site. It’s also common sense to do it because since you use the local names of your target area on your site, you must be really local and worthwhile. Schema Mark Up Be sure to use the Local Business Schema markup to make your snippet stand out in search results pages. You can see more info on this site: Luckily, you’re not supposed to code anything because you’re on WordPress.  Install the Schema Creator by Raven plugin that makes adding Schema markup a breeze to every WordPress users Kudos to Raven. Once the plugin is installed, just go to the post editor and click the Add Schema button at the top of your post content area. That done, just select your Schema type, which is Organization. And in the Organization Type drop down option, be sure to select Local Business. That done, specify your Name, Website, Description, etc. Click the Insert Button. It’ll add the additional Schema markup right in the HTML of your WordPress post. KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language. It can be used to store all kinds of info about geographical spots. Other than that, it’s also used by some WordPress plugins. Such as Comprehensive Google Map Plugin View Google Maps WP Flexible Map. You can use all the plugins to highlight your business location or other locations related to your business. Doing so will give Google another hint that your business is very relevant

How To Show Recent Posts by Category in WordPress | How To Guide

How To Guide To Show Recent Posts by Category in WordPress In today's how-to blog post, you'll learn how to show recent posts by category in WordPress. If you want to showcase a specific category in WordPress sidebar widget, you can choose one of two methods. First one is an easy method, and it's by using a plugin called category posts widget. To get started we'll just install and activate the plugin then go to appearance, widget and drag the category post widget where you want it to go. From there you can give it a title, choose which category you want to show, and the number of posts to show for the category you can also choose how to sort it. You have all these other options down here to choose from. Just customize it to fit your needs and when you're finished, click save. Now we can go to our demo site and see it in action. Here, it's showing the last 5 from my category like I want it to. The second way to do this is a little bit more advanced it does not require a plugin, but it does require you to add some code to your theme's function.php file. Category Slug First, you want to make sure you backup your site. And then you add the code like this to your functions.php file. When choosing your category slug make sure you put your category in there. This code brings back the 10 posts from a specific category and displays in a bulleted list. If the post has a featured image, then it will show that as well.  Now we can add this code to show our list on either a footer or a single.php file. Or you can just add the text widget under appearance, widgets and add the shortcode here. You can see what it looks like on the demo site. You'll also need to add some CSS to make the list look better so test different CSS codes to tweak it to your liking. As found on Youtube If you enjoyed this blog post be sure to click on the share button below and leave us a comment. And if you want to receive more helpful post don't forget to subscribe to our feed and check out https://shaneperry.co/blog for more useful information on websites.  

How to Scan Your WordPress Site for Potentially Malicious Code

Learn To Scan Your WordPress Site for Potentially Malicious Code Today we want to show you how to scan your site for potentially malicious code. There are a few steps to take to check your site. First, install and activate the theme authenticity checker plugin. Then go to appearance-->TAC the plugin scans your theme files for malicious or unwanted code and gives you and ok status if everything is good. If it finds something you'll see red status with information about what it found. Next, you have the exploit scanner. It checks all files and database items for any signs of malicious code, not just the theme folder. Note this plugin does have a tendency to return false positives so you need to know what you are checking. After activating it, we'll get to tools-->exploit scanner and click run the scan. It will keep you updated on how many files it has scanned and then returns a status. The last thing I'll show you is using Sucuri to scan your site. It's pretty robust and if you have their paid version, they are proactive in keeping your site safe. For this blog post, We'll just show you their free version and what it does. From the home page, just type in your site's URL and click scan this site. When it's finished, it will give you the results and recommendations for fixing them. I hope you liked this blog post and found it helpful. If you did, click on the like button below and leave us a comment. And if you want to receive more helpful tips don't forget to subscribe to our webmail and check out our blog for more useful information on WordPress. Remember that malicious code on your WordPress site can really harm your web presence. Be sure to get professional help if you are not sure if you have malicious code on your WP site.

7 Things You Must Do Before Starting A Web Design Business On WP

In today's blog post, we'll cover 7 things you must do before starting a WordPress Web Design business site. The first thing you want to do is get your business accounting setup. We recommend FreshBooks because it induces setup unbelievably easy. With Freshbooks, you can create estimations and send to clients, then you can turn those estimates into invoices for them to pay. You can track time in there and take payments from the invoices. You can even connect it with your bank account. This cuts down on the admin side of your business so you can focus on designing. The next item is to choose a framework that works best for you. Save growth time by starting with a WordPress framework. You can review our detailed framework guidebook to find which works best for you. The next item is to always make sure you back everything up. There's nothing worse than losing hours of work for a client because something went wrong and you lose your site. back up your work often.  Next, choose the best web hosting for your business. Sign up for an affiliate program with a hosting provider and help your client select the right fit for their site. Some affiliate programs that are great hosting companies are InMotion hosting and WPEngine. Surround yourself with great people. There will be things you aren't as good at so don't waste your time fumbling to work on items that you're not great at and find people who can be an asset to your business and delegate those items to them. Concentrate on returning customers. Build a lasting relationship with your clients and see their repeat business grow. This helps you maintain marketing expenses down and it also helps them work with people they trust. And ultimately, start building your email listing now. Some people might be in the research phase so give them great content in exchange for their email, keep the dialog going and that route when they are ready to create their website, you'll be at the top of their mind. If you like this blog post go ahead and leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you. As found on Youtube

Honolulu Vacation Travel Guide By Shane Perry

Honolulu is located on the Polynesian island O'ahu, in the middle of the North Pacific ocean. It is the capital of Hawaii: The 50th, and youngest, American state. In tropical Honolulu, the surf is always up and the weather always warm. Hawaii's biggest city offers the perfect mix of nature, culture, sports and shopping all in the one place. With America's only royal palace at its core and Pearl Harbor just around the corner, there is also a lot of history to discover. Visit the Bishop Museum to learn about the Polynesian voyagers who came here hundreds of years before captain Cook dropped anchor in 1778. The native Hawaiians and first Europeans were drawn to the majestic profile of the Diamond Head volcano, which is still an attraction today. Wherever you are in the city, the backdrop of Lēʻahi, as the locals call the crater, is a constant reminder of Hawaii's explosive beginnings. Climb the short trail to its circular rim for commanding views over the island and its picture-perfect coastline. Go to the top of the Aloha Tower to see how Honolulu has become a modern urban center. The capital is the gathering place where residents of Hawaii do business, but tourists mainly come here for its beaches and watersports. Honolulu means "sheltered bay" and any day of they year you can go swimming, stand up paddle boarding and sailing in the harbor. Ala Moana Beach Park is the quieter alternative to popular Waikiki. Laze on the beach, or, if you start feeling active, get surfing lessons or rent a canoe to explore the bay. Stroll over the boulevard to buy everything from up-scale fashion to flowery local garments to brighten up your wardrobe. Downtown, you can't miss the statue of the fearless warrior King Kamehameha, who unified the Hawaiian islands in the late 18th century. Admire the American Florentine architecture of Iolani Palace and visit the Halekoa barracks. For lunch, try a Japanese fusion dish. The largely Asian American population of Honolulu has left its mark on the cuisine and culture of the island. Visit Kapi'olani Park with its ancient Banyan trees and attractive beachfront. The park is home to the historic Honolulu Zoo, so take the kids to see friendly giants and exotic birds. Set aside a day for Pearl Harbor to see the remnants of the U.S. Pacific Fleet that was crippled by an air raid

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes | Shane Perry SEO

Here's all the advice I would give in under 10 minutes. This talk is aimed at companies who have their main content below about 50 pages. For those sites that are looking to rank for thousands of unrelated keywords, like an e-commerce site or a news agency, you might wanna invest more time in SEO. My objective for this talk is to provide you the basics in the most efficient manner possible and to help you feel assured that you're not doing something totally wrong related to search, and last, to provide pointers for more information. The first thing to do with your domain is to decide whether you want visitors to see the www version or the non-www version. At which point your 301 redirect users from your non-preferred to your preferred version. Now, many large corporations, like Google and Facebook, actually keep the www version, but you're free to do whichever you want. The reason why we use a 301 and not a 302 is because a 301 is a permanent redirect and that way it signals to applications like search engines, to actually transfer all those indexing properties from the source to the target. The next step is to verify ownership of your site in Webmaster tools. And I don't just say this because I work with the team, but I think this is really valuable. I encourage you to sign up for email forwarding. Email forwarding allows Google when we have any message for you, like when we think you might have been hacked or we think your site is hosting malware, or we're having trouble crawling your site and we found a high number of unreachable URLs. So any of those messages can be forwarded to Google Webmaster Tools and if you have email forwarding enabled, it can be forwarded directly to the inbox that you check every day. One more research tip is to perform a background check on your domain. For example, if it was previously owned by spammers then you're not going to rank very well now. So, one good way to check is to look at the keywords listed in Webmaster tools for your site and see if you see any unwanted words there. Also, you can see if you're indexed by performing a site colon search with your domain. And if you see any problems the Webmaster guidelines can be found

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Maui Vacation Travel Guide | By Shane Perry

Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii, but fewer than 150,000 people call it home and you can drive from one side of the island to the other in less than three hours. Many say that Maui is Hawaii's most beautiful island and when you tour around you soon see why. In this North Pacific island paradise, Polynesian heritage and the modern American lifestyle go hand in hand. Book a helicopter ride to get a birds-eye view of this lush landscape that sprouted up from the fertile lava soil. People call this "the Valley Isle" because most of Maui sits in a bowl between the East and West Maui volcanoes that shaped the island. Thanks to the tropical climate, and more than 80 beaches, you can enjoy watersports all around the sunny island. When the trade winds pick up, there are plenty of bars, shops, galleries and museums to keep you entertained. Maui's capital city, Wailuku, combines history with soul. Rent a car to enjoy the famous drive to Hana, which can be a return trip or the start of a spectacular journey around the island. The winding road will take you past some of Maui's most striking natural wonders. Stretch your legs at a waterfall and pick up a Hawaiian treat along the way. Cast a line and see surfers compete to steal the show at the Ho'okipa Beach Park. Spend an hour in the Garden of Eden Arboretum, a bamboo forest with great vistas. On the other side of Hana is the Haleakala National Park, with the highest peak of the island. It is a hotspot for hiking, so put on your all-weather gear and follow the trails past impressive cinder cones. To avoid the steep climb, drive straight to the lookout to enjoy the views. The dormant volcano slopes down to the sunny beaches on the west coast of Maui. Big Beach, in Makena Beach State Park, is the perfect spot to try wake boarding. At sunset, the Molokini Island Preserve is painted dark against the evening sky, and when the sun comes out the water surrounding it is amazingly clear. Book a boat tour and dive into a spot with Hawaiian green turtles, feeding on the coral of Molokini Reef. You can also see these gentle marine creatures from Maui's shore at Turtle Town, as Maluaka Beach is often called, or find a spot in the

Lifestyle Marketing | Current Lifestyle Marketing | Branding

What is Lifestyle Marketing and the Current Lifestyle Marketing Benefits? In order to succeed in business in the recent world, a business must come up with effective marketing strategies, even the small businesses. Such strategies attract the interest of consumers outside the local markets as well as within. There are risks that come with this, but there are also advantages beneficial to an expanding business. If you fail to consider a proper marketing strategy, probably a competitor will. Lifestyle marketing is a current marketing strategy that has all to do with branding. The lifestyle marketing strategy cannot accommodate all brands on the market today. This is because not each and every brand can be termed as a lifestyle brand regardless of whether a brand strives to show it. Therefore, current lifestyle marketing can only be used by an organization that has products which promote a specific lifestyle. However, this marketing strategy is more than a way of life promotion. It is a strategy of marketing that offers consumers with an attachment emotionally to a specific lifestyle. As a result of using this marketing tactic, a business reaps great financial benefits by sustaining and developing a long-term and emotional bond with clients. Lifestyle marketing strategy makes it easier to come up with new products at a pocket-friendly price to the organization, thanks to the existing brand name strength. This happens by offering instant new products endorsement and this gets rid of the need for expensive advertising costs and promotion. Below are some of the benefits that come with this effective marketing strategy. Increased brand recognition In business, any opportunity that increases your visibility is highly valuable. With this marketing technique, you get a platform that amplifies your brand’s content and voice. This is critical since you become accessible to new clients and makes you more recognizable and familiar to existing customers. More converting opportunities What a lifestyle branding does is create a platform where interaction between you, new clients and existing clients is possible. It is a platform where customers convert. Each and every interaction is a potential chance for a client to visit your site. Any posted image, video, comment or blog is a chance for client reaction then later conversion. Any positive interaction maximizes the chances of a possible conversion. Check out our digital marketing agency page for more information on conversion and correct marketing. Higher rates of conversion

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